Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Say ' Welcome Back'

I saw this video clip send by my friend, and enjoyed every moments of it- the surprise, the joy and happiness felt by the recipients and the performers at the air port.
Well it conveyed many a things to me.
Lets face it..
We, our friends, relatives, employees, employer.....or spouse or children....well everybody makes mistakes, errs, misunderstand others, judge their motives, scared of  what others do....
In our life we have time for every thing except to show true Love, compassion or felt sorry to near and dear whenever it matters!!
We are not inanimate but are emotional beings, hence susceptible for all our misgivings !!
Time is running away but Life is short.
Let us Break our egos and embrace humanity!!

Welcome back our friendship, relationship.
Welcome back empathy and LOVE in our life
Welcome back the magic of SHARING called LIFE !! .

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