Monday, December 6, 2010

Dawn at Chennai Marina.

The 'Marina Beach' is a beautiful landmark of Chennai. Me along with my family visited after Diwali to enjoy the dawn and also to photograph the scenes; as my son is an avid shutterbug!

It is rare to get a cloudless horizon during monsoon period and hence the dawn of the sun happened over the clouds above the horizon.

But then when the Sun breaks out of clouds with its wonderful burst of rays is an addictive sight. It is pure magic with orange and yellow spectrum, precedes the Sun over the azure blue sky and the aqua blue sea; whose ceaseless waves lapping the shore!

What hits you when you enter the beach is the cacophony of sounds from the people who come for walk, the crows, the cars, motorbikes which overwhelms the sound of breeze and the wave. 

The 300 m spread of sand from the shore to the road offers a veritable platform for a plethora of activities for one and all.


As we moved towards the water,colourful boats, kattumarams (traditional boats), fishing nets, bundles of ropes all emerge from silhouettes.
The ubiquitous Crows which  flutter around the beach in swarms are the Seagulls of Chennai.
 What must be a lovely stretch of sand is converted in to a garbage dump by the compulsive habits of littering of the visitors !!

Though we were taught historically and traditionally about our personal hygiene, we have sadly failed to learn environmental hygiene and cleanliness.

The sore sight of shore definitely fails to inspire the enthusiasts to venturing in and dampens their spirits.

                                                                                     Of course we saw a lone beach comber waging a loosing battle as a Lone Ranger. School Children, College students, NGOs and all tried unsuccessfully their hand in combating this menace every now and then.
But that didn't stop us from snapping many interesting shots through our cameras.

We have seen lot people come and feed the dogs and birds. The road inside the beach apart from
being the parking area for automobiles, also serves as track for learners of bikes and two wheelers.

Group of people are laughing their stress away in groups while some were indulging in yoga and meditation.

                                                                         Mahatma's statue braving rain and shine showers his benevolent smile around, while the passerby hurry their strides immune to either his presence or ideals. 
Except for those selling so called health drinks like soups and juices, marina is fairly free of hawkers in the mornings.

The marina sports different looks in the evenings, when plenty of food stalls lines the beach. Friends and families come to relax and refresh from the  fresh                                       and cool breeze.

As the sun was hotting up and hunger beginning to show its impatience,we felt time to move towards 'Saravana  Bhaven'.

Marina Beach is Chennai's one arena where common people rub shoulders with rich and elite, while enjoying their economical time pass.

And I continue to stand by my first sentence of this blog, Marina remains one of Chennai's Beauty.!!!    


ash4640 said...

Nice writeup on our Marina Beach Dad;
loved the phrase - " The ubiquitous Crows which flutter around the beach in swarms are the Seagulls of Chennai "
It also served as our favored get-together spot and for our whole T family.

Like you mentioned the buzz and the plethora of people might kill its charm in the long run.
But till now it stands long and tall, hope proper care to preserve its beauty is provided in the near future.

We should be proud to have access to one of the longest Beaches in the World, and the longest in the Country.

Geetha said...

Good post Ramesh Anna. And the images are very interesting and captures the essence of Marina. Feel like visiting it now.

TNR's Blog said...

Thanks Geetha.
In fact Your blog on story telling was the inspiration to take a plunge in to blogging !!