Friday, December 3, 2010

Too many thoughts Gushing.....

Feeling little jittery to begin, for once I thought i wont have any thing worth to share here. But like flood gates opened, too many thoughts gushing out and creates a chaos now!
I am fond of Food.(well everybody)  Ummm, forget some one has said that 'we eat to Live', my taste buds does floored me to foods and the lingering tastes of them; inasmuch i definitely wont brand me ' classic critic', but a connoisseur who just loves.
I am fond of nature (who isn't) ,,wait a minute.... let me my views on ..   the speeding auto mobiles,  polluted rives,  of course politics! no not politics as that's not my forte! ( as if others are)
Well i am stuck now in my very first attempt to blogg !! Who said writing is easy?   well soliloquy may be !!
I love to write about travel ( for a person who hardly travelled in my own country ) share my treks and walks.
Why i am doing this? definitely for my two minutes of Glory !! (seriously!). Am realising now that its going to be a struggle and fun (for who?). so let me channelise my thoughts and come back soon on a single issue!
Wait.. I forgot to include the following , architecture, landscape, biology, forget about it!!
As the finishing line approaches.. i need to quote some one to finish this blogg ! and whom to quote?
One vegetable vendor said yesterday " touch my vegetables only if you want to buy."
Well i too can say ' open mine if only want to read'
bye bye for now.. i am sure my next will be on a serious note !!


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