Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tossed Bread with Egg & Vegetables - My Culinary Escapades!!

                                          “Egg and Vegetable Bread Toss”

After few days of intense Landscape designing on my computer and with aching neck and stiff back; what better way to relax yielding to the call of the Kitchen!
Good recipes as they say strike at the spur of the moment! All the more if, you are hungry and have to stir out something fast for the morning breakfast, and you realize that your culinary grey cells (is there a part of the brain identified with culinary skills?) switch instantly to the overdrive mode and throws up amazing ideas!!
Well it happened to me today; when I entered the kitchen as my better half left me fending for myself and was enjoying her bath. There were four slices of brown bread and a noodles packet welcomed me and I could have gone for the easy way out with them. The moment I saw few cut vegetable left by my wife, Bingo! I had a solution right there!
Why not vegetables and bread tossed together! I mean literally! And it didn’t take me long; in fact seven minutes exact to cook up this idea with whatever I could find in our kitchen!
India has adopted bread in various forms like bread channa, bread uppma, bread bajji etc. Now here is one more simple meal out of it!
Ingredients: (what I found in my hurry)
1.   One cup of finely grated cabbage
2.   Two baby corns chopped
3.   Two cloves of garlic.
4.   One  small green chilly chopped finely (if only you like spicy food)
5.   A pinch of cumin/ few pepper corns
6.   One table spoon of oil
7.   Hand full of chopped Spring onion leaves
8.   Four slices of Brown bread cut into one inch squares
9.   One egg beaten with a pinch turmeric.
10. Coriander leaves and slices of cheese for garnishing   

Once the oil in the kadai is heated up, I added the cumin. After the splutter I have added the chilly, garlic and spring onion and stir fried them for a minute. Then chopped vegetables were added, and lightly fried them for two minutes adding a pinch of salt.
The bread pieces were added and tossed them well for a minute. Finally I poured the beaten egg and added one pinch pounded of pepper and tossed them well. The egg gets soaked in the bread and the stirring helps the pieces not binding them together.
Now it is ready for serving! Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves and pieces of Cheese. Any sauce or chutney will go with it.
 I had a sumptuous breakfast, filling yet healthy too! The brown bread/ whole wheat bread becomes more tasty and healthy when combines with the crunchy vegetables. I like spicy stuff and hence the green chili and pepper corns while the garlic, cumin and egg gave the inviting aroma.

Children will love it (without chilly of course) and working couples can make it in a jiffy. You can always try some variations to suit your taste. Enjoy then !!  

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