Monday, November 7, 2011

Shredded Parotta with Exotic Vegetables

(Alias ‘Vegetable Kothu Parotta’)

    The sight and sound of making ‘Kothu (mincing for Tamil) Parotta’, (layered Indian pan bread) by the street Food stalls, with the resultant aroma captivates all passersby attracting like the forbidden fruit.  Yes the art of ‘Kothuparotta’ is a veritable feast to all our senses!! But then Kothuparotta is always associated with meat and egg!
Why not a Veggie Kothu? Now try this for a change! Though this is devoid of the sound (Kothu) there is enough and more for sight and aroma!!


1.     Two Kerala Parottas (available in any super markets as ready to cook)
2.     Capsicum Red and yellow – One each
3.     Baby corn -  6 no
4.     Button mushroom –100g / 6 no
5.     Cauliflower/ Broccoli – 100g
6.     Zucchini – 1
7.     Onion medium – 1no / shallots(small onions) – 5no
8.     Garlic – 5 cloves
9.     Celery- a Handful finely chopped
10. Carom seeds – a pinch
11. Pepper corns- 6 to 8 no
12. Green Chilly- 1 or 2 finely chopped depends on your taste
13. Garnishing- Few curry leaves, a table spoon of shredded cheese
14. Coconut oil- 2 tea spoon for frying parotta
15. Any cooking oil -2 tea spoon for frying vegetables.
16. Salt to taste

     Heat a Tawa and cook the Parottas both sides over medium flame adding a tea spoon of coconut oil for each. Cool it and shred them in to 2 to 4 cm bits either with a scissors or by your hands.
Cut and dice vegetables and mushroom into small pieces. Heat a kadai / frying pan, add cooking oil when ready add the carom seeds, garlic, followed by onions and celery fry for two minutes. Add finely chopped vegetables, mushroom and salt; cook them on a low flame covered with a lid for three to five minutes. No need to add water as the mushroom and vegetables itself will give out enough to get cooked. The vegetables have to retain its crispness and hence don’t overcook.  
Now pound the carom seeds and pepper corns coarsely. Sprinkle them on the vegetables and toss them.
Add the shredded Parottas* on to the vegetables and mix them well over a low flame for about a minute or two.  Take out in a serving bowl and garnish it with shredded cheese and curry leaves.

* Whip an egg with little turmeric and add along with the shredded Parottas if you like.
** One can substitute mushroom with chicken sausages cut in to one cm pieces.

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